Breyer Horse Collecting: Back To School

Students all over the country and world are headed back to school and for collectors that means less time with their Breyers. It may seem a bit sad to leave your Breyers and focus on school, but there’s lots of fun ways to have fun with your horses, while still learning!

History may seem a far off course, but Breyer has long brought us superstars of the equestrian world and in addition to that, famous historical horses. Through these models you can bring the reality of history class to your collection and to your world! One of the most prolific examples of this is Sergeant Reckless!  This little pony was a Korean War veteran and was recently honored with a statue of her own! You can learn and study all about this amazing little pony, her job and get to hold your very own realistic model of the famous Sergeant Reckless with Breyer!

Art class is a fun for so many, and expressing your creativity is something that has been a long popular facet of the model horse hobby! Breyer has so many ways to use your creativity to interact with your horses and create equine art of your own. From customizing kits to activity books, there’s a way for every type of artist to create a masterpiece with a bit of fun from Breyer!

If you’re really in the back to school spirit, the Breyer Chalkboard Horse is the perfect way to bring the classroom home! You can doodle and draw all day long on this fun horse and then wipe it clean! There’s no more festive way to go back to school than with this fun horse!

The model horse hobby has long been about showing creativity and love for horses, and with a little creativity, Breyer can help you get back to school with a bang! What are you going to do with your horses to go back to school with a bang?


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