Breyer Horse Collecting: What Do You Love About Breyer Horses?

It’s easy for any horse lover to see why so many collect Breyer horses. From their beauty and realism to the equine stars they portray, it’s an easy choice to collect, but why else do you collect? What makes Breyer horses so special for you?

Breyer collectors start collecting at all stages of life from small child to adult, there’s really no age that is more common than another, but one thing is for sure, something about that beautiful yellow box and the horse inside it captures our attention. There’s something to be said about being able to bring home a new horse in your hands on a whim. Breyers are realistic as can be, but still require no care beyond a dusting every so often. This makes them such an easy choice for those who can’t have a horse of their own for one reason or another. You can saddle up with a Breyer and be riding in the World Equestrian Games or taking your horse out on a trail ride in the Grand Canyon! There really is so much you can do on the back of a Breyer!

Others collect for the artistry of the horses, there’s something to be said about such a realistic representation of a horse in miniature form. Breyer has long employed the greatest artisans in the equestrian world to create their models and throughout the years it’s only gotten more impressive! The art of the Breyer is truly something to behold and something that fascinates so many.

Another wonderful thing about Breyers is that some people collect for the friends you make. Making friends with other collectors is a wonderful experience and is a great way to meet others with similar interests. The friendships formed by these models are numerous and stretch all borders!

So, why do you collect? What makes you excited to get that new Breyer in the mail from Golden Oak Stables? Is it one of these reasons, or one of your own?


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