Breyer Horse Collecting: The Diversity Of Breyers

Breyer has long brought the most amazing model horses in the world to millions all over the world. These horses are the most realistic and beautiful model horses in production and are beloved by collectors and horse lovers alike. One beautiful thing about Breyer horses is the diversity that they have in their models. Breeds from all around the world are reproduced by Breyer and bring these interesting and unique breeds to horse lovers all over the world!

One of the most unique and exciting breeds is the Marwari from India. New for 2013, this unique breed has found it’s way into the Breyer stable bringing a new and virtually unknown breed to so many! This breed is beloved by the people of India and is known for it’s curled ears that twist inward.

From the British Isles a breed unique to itself with history to spare comes to you, the Gypsy Vanner. This small statured draft horse is known for pulling the carts of gypsy travellers. They are known by sight for their long and flowing manes and tales and thick feathering on the legs giving them a stunningly romantic look to them.

Known by many as Olympic superstars, Breyer has brought many famous Warmbloods to collectors including Totilas. Many Warmbloods hail from Europe where they have been bred to excel at sports like show jumping and dressage. These powerhouses are full of strength and precision and are truly equestrian superstars of the Olympics.

Breyer also produces horses that we’re more familiar with like Quarter Horses, Paints and American Saddlebreds. All of these horses are special in their own way, if a bit more well known than others. It doesn’t stop there though, there are dozens of breeds in Breyer’s collection and dozens for you to collect! What new horse can Golden Oak Stables add to your stable? What kind of horse do you want to learn about?

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