Breyer Horse New Releases: Ready For A Little Playtime?

Everyone likes a little playtime now and again, and Breyer is always happy to bring a bit of fun to horse lovers! New for fall 2013, Golden Oak Stables brings you a couple of new additions to the Breyer lineup that will have everyone excited for a little playtime.

New for fall 2013, Breyer brings a big pony full of a lot of fun to you! The Little Bits Big Bounce Pony is a big pony full of fun! This bouncy pony is sure to provide fun for any little one with his adorable cartoonistic looks and sweet disposition. Kids can bounce around and imagine life on the back of a horse with their very own pony that can allow them to live out their dreams of having a real pony of their own!  Your little one can gallop across the ranch or race down the track on the back of their very own horse!

Another fun addition to the Breyer collection is the Little Bits Big Red Barn which is sure to make any kid, big or small. This fun playtent is a great way for kids to pretend about life on the farm with a barn of their own! Indoors or outdoors, this bright red barn is a fun way to play pretend in a big way! With flapped tie back front barn doors and a flap on the side, there’s so much fun to be had in this barn of their very own!

Bringing a fun new twist to the Breyer family, children can imagine a barn of their own with a pony to ride and a barn to play in. Their imaginations will run wild playing and romping along with a pony and barn of their very own, what could be better?

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