Breyer Horse Accessories: What Does a Horse Need?

Breyer horses have been the miniature mimic of real horses for over 60 years now, Breyers have always been so realistic that they feel like they might just take a breath and gallop off! That doesn’t extend to just horses though…

Real horses require equipment like tack, grooming supplies and medicine, and Breyer, wanting to create a lifelike experience for collectors, brings you all the equipment a horse could need! The most logical place to start is shelter, and simply put, every horse needs a barn and a stall. Breyer has created barns for many sizes of their models, from traditional to stablemate!

Once you’ve got your barn, you’ll need to maintain it with the right tools and equipment. Every barn needs a set of tools to clean and maintain the barn, and the Stable Equipment set is a great place to start.  A Feed Set is also a great way to get started as you don’t want any hungry horses and a Grooming Kit is a must have for any barn. From there you can start building your own farm with fence, tack room accessories and your own creativity!

Tack is another big necessity for horses, but where do you start? This is all up to you! Breyer and Golden Oak Stables bring you dozens of choices for tack. Blankets come in all different colors and tack comes for so many disciplines, that the choice is truly yours! What do you want your stable to be filled with? Olympic show jumpers or maybe just a barn full of ponies for trail riding.

So, what do you think your horses need? What do you want to do with your models and what do you want your stable, and collection, to become? Just like real horses, there’s no stopping you with a little creativity and determination.

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