Breyer Horse Collecting: What “Grails” Do You Have?

Nearly every Breyer collector has a wish list, whether in their head, down on a piece of paper or at Golden Oak Stables, we all have horses we hope to add to our collections some day soon. What’s on that list is always interesting though and varies from collector to collector, what one collector has searched high and low for another might have sitting right next to them!

Many collectors get excited about new models, and who wouldn’t? Beautiful new sculptures and stunning new paint schemes are enough to get any Breyer collector excited, so it’s no question why new releases get put on the top of so many want lists. The excitement of a new model is something shared by all collectors alike, and new releases are some of the most popular additions to collections each year! Throughout the year Breyer releases new models and collectors wait with baited breath for these horses, are any new releases on your want list right now?

Vintage horses are also a very popular want for collectors and many also have a vintage horse or two on their want list. These horses are discontinued and not currently produced by Breyer, making the hunt that much harder and more exciting. It’s also more difficult to find these horses in good condition, because many of them were played with throughout the years. Mint vintage models are at the top of many want lists and many more have at least a few vintage models that they’d love to add to their collection!

Golden Oak Stables not only brings you all the new models you could ever ask for, but also a selection of vintage models to fill out your want list! So, do you have a list of models you want to add to your stable? If not, start one today!

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