Breyer Horse Holiday: 2013 Holiday Horse Holiday On Parade

Each year Breyer brings their creative minds together to create a horse that celebrates the spirit of the holiday season. Each year this horse finds its way into the homes and collections of thousands to celebrate this special time of year. The horse for this year is no exception, with style and grace, you’ll be excited to add this stunning horse to your collection too!

Since 1997, Breyer has celebrated the holiday season with a beautiful holiday horse. Each year these horses come dressed in their holiday best with elaborate costumes that are beautiful as can be. These festive costumes give them not only beauty but the look of the season! Each year the horse is different and plays on a theme, from sleigh rides to snowflakes, the holiday horses have seen many incarnations, but this year is bound to be one to remember.

Holiday On Parade marks the 17th holiday horse from Breyer. This stunning American Saddlebred is the epitome of beauty and grace. Painted in a shade of metallic palomino, this Saddlebred is sure to stand out in a crowd. His high white markings give him a bold and flashy look that will make him stand out on any parade. He is dressed in a beautiful red velveteen costume that will have you excited for any holiday parade. His costume features a fur trimmed saddle with stirrups to seat his rider, bold silver conchos and turquoise stones giving the perfect contrast of color.  He even wears a bit of evergreen and berries tucked along the top of his tail and the top of his mane for that perfect touch! His elaborate bridle matches his costume with details all the same.

Bringing a bit of Breyer to your holidays is a tradition for so many collectors, if it isn’t one for you, why not start a new tradition today with Golden Oak Stables?

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