Breyer Horse Collecting: Customizing

Many collectors have heard the word Customizing in passing, and some may have even given it a try. Maybe you’ve owned a custom before, or maybe you’ve never heard the word, either way, there’s a whole wide world of customizing that you can experience with Breyer.

Customizing started decades ago when the model horse collecting hobby was still in it’s infancy. Collectors have always wanted to find a way to show their creativity and skills, customizing their horses was the first natural outlet. Guided by their own creativity, the customizers of of times past used whatever materials they could find to make the horses of their dreams!

In the past fourty years, customizers have become increasingly skilled as they learn from their mistakes and one another. Today, customizers have a myriad of tools at their fingertips. Supplies are easier to get and other customizers are easier to find because of the internet. The internet also provides a place to find things like tutorials, supplies and reference pictures to help with your creation as well as seeing other’s work!

There are many resources out there for collectors to give customizing a try. Golden Oak Stables offers many kits, from sculpting to painting, for you to give yourself a try at being creative and customizing your own horse! These kits have everything you need, from start to finish, so you can start customizing right away without having to find other supplies!

The hobby has certainly changed since it began many years ago, as has customizing, but with all of the kits and resources available there’s no excuse! Give it a try if you haven’t, and if you have, what is your favorite creation?


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