Breyer Horse Events: Breyerfest Live Shows

Breyerfest is a weekend full of exciting events for model horse lovers from all over the world! There’s truly something for everyone, from guest horses and performances, to some of the most challenging shows in the world. These shows bring out some of the most incredible horses and competition to compete for the ever coveted blue ribbon and sometimes, even a bit more!

Thursday of Breyerfest is a bit of an informal day with events starting in the evening at the local Clarion hotel. One of those events is Breakables Live. This show brings out all things porcelain to compete! This is the one show that Breyer hosts that allows horses made by others. The competition is fierce to say the least in this show full of amazing art.

Friday brings arguably the most competitive show in the world to Lexington, the Breyerfest Open Show. This NAN qualifying show is intense and tough with stiff competition. Winning any ribbon is truly a testament to the horse. Collectors take over the Kentucky Horse Park Alltech Arena with their show horses for a full day of competition! There are classes for performance, customs, original finish, collectors classes and collectibility!

Saturday, the Alltech Arena welcomes the Breyerfest Children & Youth Show. This incredible show is the largest of it’s kind. What is actually two shows in one, one for children and one for youth, the BFCYS is a tough competition as well giving the open show a run for it’s money! This show brings out children from all over the country and world for their own chance at a coveted blue ribbon.

If you can’t make it to Breyerfest to give one of their shows a chance, Golden Oak Stables has shows throughout the year to give you a chance to show your horses! Why not give it a shot?


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