Breyer Horse Events: Guest Horses Of Breyerfest 2013

Each year Breyer welcomes a group of real life superstars to attend Breyerfest as a Guest Horse. These horses span the world of horses and disciplines bringing together a group of horses that have experiences beyond words! This year was no different and the guest horses easily made the crowds cheer!

There is one guest horse, every year, who is bestowed the honor of Celebration Horse. This horse is given the honor of being the guest of honor and even having a Breyer model made after them that each three day ticket holder gets to take home. This year that honor went to Smart and Shiney! This gorgeous palomino reining horse is owned by the famous Lyle Lovett and trained by the famous Tim McQuay! Smart and Shiney showed Breyerfest attendees all about the world of reining with his expert skills and precision and no one  could miss his stunning looks and famous long mane!

Breyer also welcomed horses that have already found their way into some stables of collectors and Golden Oak Stables.

Lindsay’s Faith is a mustang mare that is known as America’s Favorite Trail Horse and her and her barn mate Flying Colors brought the story of a wild mustang turned into a champion to all. Topsails Rein Maker, the all time leading money maker for reining cow horses was there showcasing his talents for all. Brookside Pink Magnum, a favorite of so many brought his friendly self to Breyerfest and never missing an opportunity for a photo!

There were also guests like Tennessee Titan, a miniature donkey and Lady C a Spotted Saddle Horse who were honored as guests at Breyerfest as well as dozens of other equine acts throughout the weekend. If you could say anything about Breyerfest, it would be that there was not any lack of amazing equines!


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Brookside Pink Magnum

Brookside Pink Magnum

IMG_7789 IMG_7791

Tennessee Titan

Tennessee Titan

Lindsay's Faith

Lindsay’s Faith

Topsails Rein Maker

Topsails Rein Maker

IMG_7970 IMG_7993.

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