Breyer Horse Events: Breyerfest 2013

The annual pilgrimage to Lexington Kentucky has already begun for so many collectors to celebrate the 24th annual Breyerfest! This three day long event in July has brought collectors all over the world to Kentucky to celebrate the love for Breyer horses!

Nearly ten thousand collectors from all over the world are on their way to Kentucky for Breyerfest 2013. This year Denim and Diamonds reign supreme with horses that remind us all of the fancy world of Western. The celebration model is no other than Lyle Lovetts’ horse Smart and Shiney. This stunning palomino reiner won a bronze medal in the 2010 World Equestrian games and is being presented by another reining super star, Tim McQuay!

Breyer has also created the feel of Denim and Diamonds with a fun country concert on Saturday night that is preceded by the Rhinestone Cowboy Contest! If you’ve ever experienced a Breyer contest before, you know it will be amazing. Breyer collectors always bring out their best for a chance at a prize! There’s also the Music City Mashup contest where collectors are asked to make their best diorama staring a Breyer.

Speaking of competition, there three shows that let all kinds of collectors compete for a coveted blue ribbon. Thursday starts off with Breakables Live, a show for all china and porcelain horses. One of the largest all porcelain shows in the world Breakables brings an amazing array of horses out from collectors. Friday brings the Breyerfest Open Live show to the Alltech arena. The Open show is where some of the stiffest competition of the whole year happens with collectors competing for not only a blue ribbon, but NAN cards as well. Saturday the Alltech arena welcomes the Children and Youth showers of the Breyer horse world. This show hosts over 150 entrants between the Children and the Youth and the competition they bring is fierce to say the least!

Even if you aren’t able to make it to Breyerfest, Golden Oak Stables and Stable News will bring you all the news, so stay tuned!


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