Breyer Horse New Releases: Snowman

July 11, 2013

Everyone loves the story of an underdog that finds a way to win despite it all and for horse lovers this is no different. This summer Golden Oak Stables brings you a horse with one of the most famous rags to riches stories that the equestrian world has ever seen, and once you’ve heard about it, you’ll be a fan as well!

Snowman is a beautiful flea bit grey horse with a big story. This stunning gelding’s story starts in Pennsylvania where the trainer Henry de Leyer went looking for horses to school and for his students to compete with. Snowman caught de Leyer’s attention as he was being loaded onto a trailer that was headed to the slaughterhouse. Bought for $80, Snowman’s story start’s there and has never looked back.

Snowman found lots of love with de Leyer’s students and he quickly learned the ropes and was a popular mount in the barn. A local doctor purchased Snowman soon after but after he kept jumping pasture fences he was returned to de Leyer’s barn where he decided to see what Snowman really had to offer. With training in Show Jumping, Snowman quickly found his talent and began competing in some of the largest shows in the country! Snowman made a name for himself when he won the National Horse Show in 1958!

Breyer’s Snowman is a stunning portrait of this beloved gelding. The popular Idocus mold has been painted to the gelding’s well known flea bit grey coat and stands proud and strong. With light shadings and bi-colored hooves he’s a perfect portrait of a horse that has gone down in not only history but in the hearts of many!

You can bring a little piece of history and a wonderful story to your barn with Snowman who truly is a rags to riches story like no other!


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