Breyer Horse Collecting: What To Do With The Boxes?

A subject that has plagued collectors for many years now is that of what to do with the boxes. There’s no right answer to the question, but there are many different options when it comes to that age old question.

When you get a new model there’s nothing more exciting than seeing that bright yellow box with the clear window and your model inside. It’s hard to not resist the temptation to tear open the box and get your horse in your hands right away, but the question is, what is best to do with your horse, and the box.

Some collectors choose to keep their models in the boxes, especially rare or vintage models. This can keep them in very good condition, but can sometimes cause damage as well. If the temperature is too hot or cold the dyes from the boxes can transfer onto the horse. This can be prevented by keeping your models in a climate controlled area. You can also slip a plain white paper towel between the horse and box to help. The other concern is box rubs. If a model gets jostled around too much in it’s box it can cause small box rubs. The only way to prevent these is to keep your horses in the box in a safe place where they won’t fall or be knocked around.

Other collectors choose to open their models but keep the boxes. Their models get displayed on shelves and their boxes get put into storage . Models can be shown out of their boxes and can be viewed from all angles as well as played with! This is a popular option for collectors. Some collectors though choose to keep none of their boxes and only collect the models inside. This opens up more space in their collection for horses.

Whether you choose to keep your models in the box or out there’s always that exciting feeling you get when you see that yellow box arrive from Golden Oak Stables. What kind of collector are you?


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