Breyer Horse New Releases: Trooper

When we think about work, we often forget about the animals in the world that have jobs too. There are animal actors, performers, service animals and even animals in the military. This year Golden Oak Stables brings you one of the equine heroes that puts on a uniform every day to serve and protect!

There are thousands of horses every year that tack up to patrol the streets of cities all over the world. These horses work just like any other officer keeping the public protected from crime on the streets and also serving as ambassadors for the police force! Police horses are exceptionally trained to deal with any number of situations that a normal horse would spook or shy away from. These horses can deal with loud noises, crowds, cars and more all through careful training!

Each year officers from all over North America join together to compete in the North American Police Equestrian Championships. Held annually, this competition is built to show the versatility and abilities of these amazing horses. Horses compete in an equitation division, a western division, a uniform division and an obstetrical horse to be named the NAPEC’s top horse!

New for summer 2013, Breyer has honored the 2012 winner of this competition, Trooper! Hailing from Toronto, Canada,  Trooper is a Hackney Percheron cross that is nine years old. Ridden by Constable Gregg John, he spends his days on the streets of Toronto keeping the city a friendly place for all. He showed the world his ability in 2012 beating horses all over North America for the coveted title of NAPEC’s Top Horse!

You can bring a new kind of hero into your barn with Trooper, this stunning bay beauty is sure to capture your heart and remind you of all of those people,  horses and animals that work hard for us each and every day!


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