Breyer Horse New Releases: Lindsay’s Faith

Every year hundreds of mustangs are rounded up by the Bureau of Land Management and adopted out to horse lovers all over the country. These roundups provide a way to sustain the population of wild mustangs as well as bringing horses into new homes. Breyer and Golden Oak Stables bring you a model created after one of these success stories!

There are thousands of  wild horses that roam throughout the United States and every year some of these horses are rounded up and placed for adoption. This is to keep the herds of Mustangs from over population. The  horses that are rounded up go on to amazing transformations that have to be seen to believed! Horses like J.B Andrew and Padre are both adopted Mustangs that have gone on to have very successful dressage careers and the Kentucky Horse Park has a Mustang troop of their own that performs for visitors from all over the world! These horses can truly do anything!

Lindsay’s Faith is a Mustang that proves this in her own way. Rounded up right around the age of six, Lindsay was selected to participate in the annual Extreme Mustang Makeover challenge. In this competition, competitors have 100 days to train and transform a wild Mustang into a riding horse. Lindsay made it to the final rounds of the competition, showing her genteelness and ability to learn to hundreds of spectators!

After that Lindsay’s Faith went on to competitive trail riding where she really proved her abilities. Through the American Competitive Trail Horse Association she competed and was chosen to compete in the America’s Favorite Trail Horse competition for 2011 where they won!

Breyer now brings Lindsay’s Faith to your stable. A fun horse with an unbelievable story, Lindsay is sure to bring excitement to your stable with her unique abilities and stunning rose grey color. Who wouldn’t want such a talented horse in their stable?


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