Breyer Horse New Releases: Mystery Foal Surprise Families

Stablemate collectors rejoice! New for summer 2013 are nine new stablemates galloping into Golden Oak Stables with a twist, you will only know what six of them are until you open them for yourselves!

The Stablemates Mystery Foal Surprise sets are three fun sets that will have you guessing what each foal will look like. Collectors have long loved the Stablemamates line for their small size, attention to detail and ease of collecting. They are truly the little horses that can capture anyone’s heart! Some collectors may remember the Mystery Foal sets from 2012,  but new for this year Breyer has brought three new sets to collectors that will get your excitement going from the moment you see them! Even more exciting, sometimes a golden foal will appear!

The foals coat color is all based on color genetics, so with a little research you could make a good guess on what each foal might look like, but the true mystery remains until the box is opened.

Mares and Stallions include a bay Arabian stallion, a flashy chestnut Tennessee Walking Horse, a leopard appaloosa Draft Horse, a chestnut blanket appaloosa Warmblood, a black and white rearing overo Mustang and a deep bay Warmblood. These horses can create any number of possibilities for foals, from the bright and flashy to the beautiful and understated, there’s no telling what kind of foals will come out of these horses!

Bringing together the fun of a mystery with new exciting Stablemates to collect, there is nothing more fun than these three new Mystery Foal Surprise sets! You can add nine new beautiful horses to your collection today, the only thing is, what will the foals look like? What are your guesses?


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