Breyer Horse New Releases: Pinto Sport Horse

There’s a group of new horses that are galloping into Golden Oak Stables this summer and the flashiest one of them all is the Pinto Sport Horse! Full of energy and excitement, this new horse is sure to bring a whole new level of energy to any stable it finds itself in!

The Sport Horse is a term used by equestrians to describe any number of Warmbloods and horses that are used to compete in the disciplines of events like Dressage and Show Jumping. These horses are known for their determined nature, high level of athleticism and their amazing tenacity. The Sport Horse is a breed type that can manifiest in the form of a large warmblood draft cross that stands tall and proud or a petite Thoroughbred that commands the arena with their presence, there is a great deal of variety! There’s also a ton of variety in the color of Sport Horses. Sport horses can come in nearly any color of the rainbow, because they can be so many different breeds. Sport Horse Registry like the Pinto Sport Horse registry promotes and enhances the lines of these horses while promoting their unique characteristics!

Breyer’s new Pinto Sport Horse has been created on the always beloved Gem Twist mold. This mold is shown in a full approach to an obstacle showing the strength and versatility of this breed. What stands out more though is his striking coat! This beautiful horse shines with his intricate bay pinto pattern that lays in intricate patches throughout his body. Even his mane and tail are bi-colored giving him both a realistic and stunning look! His mane is braided into the traditional braids for competition giving him the most regal of looks.

The Pinto Sport Horse is ready for his day on the course, all he needs is you! So add this new beautiful guy to your stable and saddle up for a day of amazing fun!


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