Breyer Horse Collecting: What Is A Decorator?

There are many different kinds of horses at Golden Oak Stables, everything from Arabians to Clydesdales and everything in between. Hundreds of breeds of horses have been made by Breyer over the years but there’s one illusive kind of Breyer horse that always gets collectors excited, decorators!

The word decorator may seem like a funny word to describe a Breyer horse but it’s really not that odd at all once you know the history. Over 50 years ago Breyer introduced the first in a long line of decorator horses, the woodgrain. Painted to look like it was carved from wood, the woodgrain horse was sold as a decoration piece for homes, hence the name decorator! The woodgrain horses were popular and were joined by a much brighter set of decorators in the 1960’s. Gold Charm, Florentine, Wedgewood blue and Copenhagen colored horses joined the decorator crew. By the early 1970’s the decorators had come and gone but collectors were still fans and due to their hard to find nature, can be some of the most desirable Breyer horses even today!

In the 1990’s Breyer once again began creating decorators, and now, anything goes! Breyer decorators now can be anything from a golden horse to one with a fairytale scene painted on it and anything in between! Fantasy and creativity run wild with Breyer decorators, which is why so many collectors adore adding them to their collection!

You can go Horse Crazy for a set of decorators all your own! New for 2013 there’s six new, transparent and bright Stablemates in the Horse Crazy set that are sure to have you rarin’ to add something bright and colorful to your collection! These six model are a great way to start a collection of decorators, or add to it!

Always bringing fun and creativity to collectors, Breyer brings a new set of fun decorators to you! What are you waiting for?


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