Golden Oak Stables: Activity Kits For Summer

With summer knocking at our door step, long summer days are ready to be filled with days of fun! For a Breyer horse lover, there is nothing better than days filled with your stable! There’s also a myriad of activities that any horse lover will have a blast filling their summer days with!

Breyer and Golden Oak Stables bring you a line of accessories that can fill your summer with all new ways to play with your horses and to try new things! A fun way to start is with the My Dream Horse Customizing Kit! You can learn the basics of customizing a Breyer horse like so many artists do every day with this kit and be on your way to turning every horse into your dream horse! This kit will take you from painting to hairing and teach you all about the realistic way to paint a horse!

For those who are ambitious and want to try something creative, the Model Horse Sculpting Kit is the way to go! You can learn how to sculpt a horse from start to finish with this kit just like Breyer’s own sculptors! Included are all the tools you need to make a classic sized sculpture! What a fun summer project!

If you’re looking for something a little more low key, there’s many Breyer Coloring Books that are easy and fun ways to pass the time! Pumpernickle Goes To The Fair, H Is For Horse and the Breyer Collectors Coloring Book are all fun ways to get involved with your horses and bring a little creativity to the pages!

There’s also things like Puzzles, Playsets, Painting Kits and more that can fill almost every summer day with something fun and Breyer to do! The possibilities only end with your creativity, so what are you going to make this summer?


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