Breyer Horse Events: Golden Oak Stables End Of School Model Horse Show

May 30, 2013

The end of school is near and summer break is on the minds of so many! If you’ve got some time in your summer break you’ll want to make time to head to Golden Oak Stables for their End Of School model horse show and fun day!

The perfect way to start off your summer is of course, with Golden Oak Stables. For years Golden Oak Stables has been host to some of the most exciting events in the model horse world. On June 29th you can experience the competition and fun of a Breyer horse show with Golden Oak Stables. The End Of School show is a show devoted to ¬†youth and novices in the hobby making it a fun and easy time to give model horse showing a try! This fun event is friendly for those new to the hobby and those who haven’t ever given live showing a try. There are division for your Breyer horses, custom horses, performance classes and even some fun classes giving you the experience of a big model horse show in a easy format.

Also going on concurrently is a Breyer fun day with Stablemate painting, games and everyone’s favorite, shopping! It’s a day full of horses that is sure to please any horse lover!

If you’re nervous about trying live showing, take a moment to go through the Stable News archives for articles for articles on all kinds of Live Show subjects, from packing for a show to what to expect when you get there, Stable News can guide you through!

Don’t be afraid to jump in, live showing is a wonderful way to get involved with your horses and to meet new friends! Give it a shot and experience just what fun model horse showing really is!


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