Real Live Breyer Horses: Honoring Memorial Day With Breyer

Memorial day is the day each year that Americans honor those who we have lost in service. The last Monday in May marks the day where we honor their memories and remember the great sacrifices that have given us as Americans the freedoms that we have today!

New for 2012, Breyer has decided to honor one of our Equine veterans, Sargent Reckless. In modern society it may not be more than an afterthought, but many animals serve in Amercia’s armed forces, including horses! These soldiers face the same risks as their human counterparts and sacrifice in their own way for the freedom of our country.

Sargent Reckless was one of those horses that sacrificed for our freedom! This little mare who was small in stature but not in courage, fought her way through the Korean War with her Marine division. She became a hero to the wounded soldiers she transported to safety and to many more whom she transported supplies and ammunition for.

Standing only about 14 hands tall she was truly a little mare with a lot of heart. This little chestnut mare may have been small in stature but she certainly wasn’t small in heart. She spent many years on the battlefield helping our troops and for her time in the military she was honored by the Marines with nine awards including two Purple Hearts. Sargent Reckless spent her retirement at Camp Pendleton in California! With her own Breyer she’s sure to live on through another generation and remind us all of the sacrifice that our military give.

Golden Oak Stables brings you a way to honor those who have fallen and those who are still serving with a Breyer that is sure to remind you of all of the sacrifices of the hard working men and women who have made our country what it is today!



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