Breyer Horse Collecting: The Stories Of The Wind Dancers

A magical and fanciful line of horses, the Wind Dancers have found their way to Breyer collectors and have captured the imagination of those young and young at heart. These lovely little horses are full of spirit and life and have stories that will captivate you from the first page!

Summer is right around the corner and summer vacation and days at the beach are also ready and waiting for many. You can fill those days with the stories of the Wind Dancer horses. These four small horses found their way into the world one day when they burst from a dandelion seed and began exploring the world around them. Kona, Sirocco, Sumatra and Brisa are four winged horses that are small in size but not small in adventure. Their stories of adventure and exploration give us all a bit of fantasy to our imagination and bring the fanciful world of four winged horses to life.

With so many stories there’s no end in sight for the adventures of the Wind Dancers! Golden Oak Stables also brings you figures that are just as fanciful as the stories told of the Wind Dancers. Standing approximately 5 inches high you can bring home Wind Dancers Sirocco and Sumatra to re-create your own adventures with two of your favorite Wind Dancers! You can also add a set of four foals to your collection that are more adorable than you could imagine. Their fluttery wings and magical colors are sure to fill you with delight and fill your collection with a bit of excitement!

The Wind Dancers are a fun, fanciful and enchanting group of horses with stories that will have you just as enchanted! Take a chance and get to know the Wind Dancers!

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