Breyer Horse Collecting: Jumping Into The Classic Saddle!

Breyer produces models in scales from Mini Whinnies that stand just about an inch tall to Traditionals that stand about 10 inches tall. In the middle of those scales are the Classics horses that are an easily collectible size standing about 6 inches tall and still packed full of detail! This scale has long been a favorite of collectors for being fun and easy to collect but also beautiful as can be! Classics collectors have something new to be excited about though, two sets that will have you jumping straight into the saddle and galloping off on your favorite horse!

English riders can get excited for a lovely Chelsea Show Jumping Set that can have you leaping over a jump for joy! This set has everything you need to have your horses competing in show jumping events and other English events with a little creativity! It starts off with Chelsea herself dressed in the iconic red coat of show jumpers. Her white breeches and tall field boots give her all the details of show jumpers you see at all the top events! She brings along a bridle and English saddle as well as a red and white saddle pad that matches her just lovely!

Kaitlyn Cowgirl Set will have Western riders excited for the rodeo with her spunky and bright looks! Kaitlyn comes dressed in her best Rodeo Queen outfit with a bright pink metallic shirt, fringed chaps, a cowboy hat and even a large prize belt buckle! She brings along a set of tack ready to put onto the star horse of your stable! A brown western saddle and matching bridle will make any of your horses shine in the show ring and a pink saddle pad is the perfect finishing touch to round out this exciting set!

Classics are sweet, realistic and fun to collect! Head over to Golden Oak Stables to start, or continue your Classics collection with a little bit of Cowgirl or Show Jumping fun!

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