Breyer Horse Collecting: Breeds From Around The World

One of the most exciting things about collecting Breyer horses is the sheer diversity of the models that you can collect! Collecting Breyer horses makes it possible for collectors to bring breeds from all around the world into their stable. The Breyer stable is full of all kinds of breeds, from the rare to the very common.  The fun part is that you can experience horses that you might never get a chance to in real life and you can fill your stable with them! With Golden Oak Stables and Breyer you can learn about some of the most interesting breeds in the world, here are just a few of them!

The Marwari is a rare breed from India. These horses are unique in their own right with their inward curling ears! Unlike any other horse, this breed of horse is renowned by the people of India and some are even seen as holy! The Marwari comes in just about every color of the rainbow and is used as an everyday riding horse in India. A few Marwari’s live in the United States but they are generally a rare breed. You can see a couple if you visit Breyerfest this year at the Kentucky Horse Park or you can add one of Breyer’s Marwari‘s to your collection!

One of the more popular breeds in the United States and around the world is the Quarter Horse. This breed originated in the Western United States in the 19th century and has quickly become on of the most popular horses in the world! Known for it’s ranch work, the Quarter Horse can perform in nearly any arena and has proven its self as a versatile and strong breed that commands any arena. Breyer has released dozens of Quarter Horses over the years and now you can add the famous Topsails Reinmaker to your stable for a bit of Quarter Horse action!

The Chincoteague Pony is a breed that has long captured the imagination of horse lovers all over the world. So many of us have read the Marguerite Henry stories of Misty, Stormy and the journey they take to living with a family and now know of this rare pony breed. The Chincoteague Pony is a breed that lives off of the coast of Virginia and every year the wild ponies are rounded up and a few are auctioned off to keep the population of the herd in check just like the story of Misty and Stormy! You can have a pair of famous Chincoteague ponies of your own with a Misty and Stormy of your own that celebrate this adorable and beloved breed!

No matter what your favorite breed is, there’s always more to learn about and more variety to add to your stable. So spice it up and bring a new breed into your stable today!


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