Breyer Horse Collecting: Current, Discontinued, Retired and Vintage Runs

For over sixty years Breyer has been creating horses that have captured the hearts of the world. In those sixty years, thousands of horses have been made and just as new ones are made, some are taken away. There are a lot of different words that are used to describe a Breyer horse and when it was produced. It’s easy to figure out what these mean so you can understand the language of Breyer horses!

Current runs are the easiest to explain, they are horses that are currently available in the Breyer catalog. Horses when they are currently available are typically open run, which means there isn’t a set number of models they will make before ending the run. Current runs are released throughout the year and can be discontinued at any time. There is no telling how many of a horse was ever made unless Breyer has used the horse as a limited edition and the number made doesn’t determine how long a horse will be a current run for. It all depends on Breyer!

Horses that have been taken out of the Current run category will become Discontinued or Retired runs. These horses are ones that stopped being produced by Breyer for one reason or another. Special Runs are considered discontinued when they have sold out at Breyer and Current runs are considered discontinued at the same time. Discontinued runs can be very desirable for collectors depending on a variety of factors. A popular horse that was quickly discontinued can become a collectors prize and be desired by many.

Vintage runs are a Discontinued runs that have been discontinued for a number of years. The number of years that collectors consider Vintage varies from one collector to another, but after a number of years horses will fall into this category and become hard to find, sometimes in any condition!

Golden Oak Stables has a stable full of Discontinued and Vintage models to fill your own stable with! Check them out and add a rare horse to your collection!

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