Real Life Breyer Horses: Kentucky Derby Winner Orb And His Breyer Connections

This past Saturday over 150,000 people from all over the world came to Louisville Kentucky to watch the best three year old Thoroughbreds in the world race. They braved rain and cold for their chance to catch a glimpse at horses that had a chance to make racing history in just two minutes!  The winner of the prestigious 139th Kentucky Derby was a colt by the name of Orb who was one of the favorites to win and  when you see who’s in his pedigree, you’ll understand why!

Orb is a Kentucky bred Thoroughbred that in his short career has found his way to success. With 8 races now under his belt, winning five of them, Orb has found his way to the winners circle much more than could be expected of a horse his age. Orb is a stunning dark bay horse that might look a little unremarkable without large white markings on the track but he certainly has a way of making you notice him.

This powerhouse of a horse is a horse that traces his lines back to some of the most famous horses in history, including a few Breyer models. Racing fans will recognize the name AP Indy, and they’ll also know that if he’s in the pedigree, you could easily have a winner. Orb traces back to AP Indy on his father’s side and through him, one time Breyer model, Seattle Slew! He also traces back to the well known Secretariat! On his mother’s side Thoroughbred royalty is also abundant in the forms of Unbridled and Mr.Prospector! If nothing else, Orb is truly a well bred horse of some of the best Thoroughbreds the world has seen!

We’ll have to see if Orb can make history like his Breyer relatives Seattle Slew and Secretariat and take home the ever coveted Triple Crown, but Golden Oak Stables will be there the entire way with you, rooting on Orb!

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