Real Life Breyer Horses: Rolex Three Day Event

April 25, 2013

This weekend competitors from all over the world come to the United States’ Kentucky Horse Park for what is the only four star eventing competition in the Western Hemisphere, the Rolex Three Day Event! Many great horses and riders have found their way to the Rolex Three Day during their careers. Many of the horses and riders have gone on to compete at the Olympics and all over the world because of their performance at the Rolex, and even a select few have become Breyer horses.

The Rolex Three Day Event is a competition that tests the variety and versatility of a horse and rider through three days of tough competition. The first test is a dressage test where horse and rider must perform a difficult and intricate set of movements that are scored on how exact and smoothly they are carried out. This tests the bond between horse and rider and the communication that the two of them share. Dressage is a sport that truly shows the finite and technical training of a horse.

The second day is a day of exhilarating Cross Country competition where riders race over natural terrain combined with jumps testing the horse and riders endurance. This difficult test brings the strongest and most enduring horses and riders to the top of the score boards at the end of day two. But don’t think it’s that simple, many horses and riders leave the competition at this stage because of the difficulty of the course. If you’ve made it past cross country day, it’s truly an accomplishment.

The third and final day is a day of exciting Show Jumping where riders and horses show their precision on a course of jumps that could rival the Olympics. Always difficult and exciting, the Show Jumping competition is the final stage in the Rolex Three Day Event and whoever comes out on top at the end of the day will go home the winner.

Showing the versatility of the horse and it’s rider through three days of competition, it’s no surprise that it’s a popular event throughout the world. Breyer lovers have been lucky enough to have several Rolex winners be available to their stable at one point, most recently Hedley Britannia. So keep your eyes on Kentucky this weekend, you never know who the next horse will be to gallop into Golden Oak Stables might be!

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