Real Life Breyer Horses: All About Foals

Spring has sprung and for many this means the season of foals! These fun little bundles of joy can bring a smile to any horse lover’s face and excitement to any barn! How much do you know about foals?

Foals bring fun and excitement wherever they go with their adorable nature and curiosity, but there are a lot of things to know about foals. Most foals are born in the spring and at night because of the horse’s life in the wild as a prey animal. Horses need to be able to hide from predators making night a good time to foal and the warm spring weather helps for a baby to thrive. These characteristics have stuck with even domesticated horses and is still very common today. When a foal is first born it will almost always stand within an hour, this also goes back to being a prey animal and needing to get on the move again quick! From there a foal quickly learns how to nurse, walk, run and some even graze within the first two weeks!

By six months old a foal will be well on his way to becoming a full grown horse and will begin weaning from his mother. A foal can also be trained early on to do things like be lead on a halter, load into the trailer and even stand for a farrier! The most interesting part is because horses have such long memories, he’ll remember what he learns as a foal for the rest of his life, so training early is very important!

Breyer and Golden Oak Stables have a myriad of foals that you can bring into your stable. Famous foals like Zenyatta’s Colt Cozmic One and Misty with her foal Stormy to beautiful breeds like the Clydesdale and the Appaloosa.  There’s foals in every size too, from Traditional to Stablemate, the only question is, what kind of foal do you want in your stable? Be sure to pick carefully and train early, you never know who your next champion might be!


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