Breyer Horse Accessories: Working Your Horses

April 15, 2013

There are dozens of different disciplines in the real horse world and hundreds of activities to do with your horse; creativity is really your only limitation! Breyer and Golden Oak Stables bring you realistic accessories for your Breyer so that you can use that same creativity with your models!

There are many popular activities for horses and one of the most exciting to both watch and participate in is that of show jumping! Jumps can range from around a foot tall to over six feet tall and the higher you get, the more exciting the competition! Breyer has a few jumps to update your schooling yard with so that you can get your horses in training for that big day. The Brick Wall Jump is a great representation of the same jumps you’ll see at any international competition. With brick pillars and a rail to add difficulty to the already difficult jump. The Show Jumping Oxer is a double jump with two sets of standards and poles sure to bring some fun to your stable. There’s also a fun Jumper Set with horses on either standard and a Brush Box jump!

You can start training your horses with fun accessories like a Cavetelli set that makes for good one on one work. You can also try your hand at Dressage, which enhances the relationship between horse and rider with a realistic Dressage Ring that will have you thinking of Devon! How about a Metal Livestock Corral that can be used for penning horses, or combine more than one set to make a round pen perfect for ground training!

That’s just the start of all the fun accessories from Breyer and Golden Oak Stables, there’s  tack for every discipline and everything you can imagine to care for your horses. So, what are you going to do with your Breyers today? How about learning about something new together?


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