Breyer Horse New Releases: Ballou

The exciting sport of youth hunter jumper is a competitive one where some of the best equestrians are made! Under these riders are the mounts that lead them on their way to victory! These ponies are strong, talented and determined and often lead many riders into the winners circles in their careers. Breyer brings you just that kind of pony new for 2013 to lead the youth riders in your stable to the winners circle!

One of those famous little ponies is Ballou. Ballou is a 13 year old welsh pony that has found his way to the championship at the prestigious USEF Pony Finals not one, but two times! This little welsh pony not only stands out for his accomplishments but also for his striking color. He is a bright red chestnut roan with a blaze that can stop anyone in their tracks. This distinctive blaze has made everyone take notice to not only his accomplishments but simply how stunning he is too! Standing a bit over 12 hands high, Ballou qualifies in the Small Pony divisions for his riders. Ballou has been leading riders into the winners circle since 2007 and has taken the biggest title at the USEF Pony Finals twice, in 2007 and 2011. These victories made him a true legend in his sport and we can only await what the future brings!

Breyer has created a model celebrating Ballou in the perfect way only Breyer can! Created on the mold of another famous eventer, Newsworthy, Ballou is shown in the middle of a jump leading his rider safely over. His mane and tail are braided up and ready to go into the show ring for another round of competition. His striking chestnut color is created with deep and bright tones that will catch anyone’s eye and his mane and tail are bright and golden with shadings of their own! His well known blaze has been recreated in perfect detail without a detail missed and his two socks are there as well giving him the perfect final touch.

Always excited to bring  a small piece of the equestrian world to you, Breyer and Golden Oak Stables welcome Ballou!


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