Real Life Breyer Horses: Zenyatta’s New Colt

This past week the world of racing welcomed a little colt that fans all over the world will be watching with baited breath. The big mare that could, Zenyatta, has made millions of fans in her time on the track, but now as a broodmare she’s making even more fans through her offspring!

Zenyatta took the world by storm with her amazing 19 out of 20 career wins. This big dark bay mare had a way of capturing the hearts of fans with her beautiful looks and her sweet and funny disposition! She was known by many for her dance that she would do on her way to the starting gate, something her competitors didn’t have! She was retired in the fall of 2010 and came to live in Lexington Kentucky at Lane’s End Farm. She was first bred to Bernadini in the spring of 2011 and in 2012 gave birth to her first colt! He was dark bay with a striking resemblance to his mother. She was then bred again last year to Tapit and just last week she gave birth to an other beautiful colt! Dubbed 13Z, this colt  has his mom’s striking white blaze but is a bold chestnut color! He’s been called “Leggy” and “Spunky” and is sure to follow in both his mother and brother’s footsteps!

You can have add a little bit of Zenyatta to your life with a Breyer model of not only her but her first colt as well from Golden Oak Stables! Zenyatta has been created in a spunky pose that perfectly sums up this big mare and her spunky personality. Every detail in this lovely mare can be found on her model, right down to her spots in the socks of her feet! Zenyatta’s Colt is the perfect portrait of her first foal. The resemblance to his mom is apparent on his model just like on the real him with his stunning dark bay coat. His own spunky personality comes out as he trots through a paddock playing with his mother!

The Zenyatta family is just starting and with two stunning colts who know’s what will be next. A filly? We’ll just have to wait and see!


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