Real Life Breyer Horses: Black Caviar Wins #24!

March 28, 2013

The Australian mare Black Caviar may not be as well known as some of her female racing counterparts in the states but this mare is certainly making a name for herself. This week marked win #24 for this amazing mare in 24 starts making her an undefeated champion!

Black Caviar is a six year old Thoroughbred mare that was foaled on August 18th 2006. Since Black Caviar was born in Australia she goes by the Southern Hemisphere’s age standards and her official birthday is on August 1st. In the Northern Hemisphere all Thoroughbred birthdays are set to January 1st regardless of birth date. Foaled in Victoria Australia, this beautiful mare stands 16.2 hands high and is just as beautiful as she is fast! ┬áBlack Caviar started her racing career as a two year old as a sprinter and has gone on to be known as one of the greatest sprinters in the world of horse racing! With 24 wins under her saddle it’s clear that there’s no stopping this mare.

Breyer has created a Traditional scale model of the lovely Black Caviar letting collectors bring a little part of racing history into their own stables. Created on the mold of another famous female race horse, Ruffian, Black Caviar is shown in her final stretch as she reaches for the finish line! Her beautiful black coat shines with a little bit of shading giving her a realistic feel. Her solid black coat is striking and without a touch of white on her she is striking and simply beautiful. With her dynamic position she’s got only one hoof on the ground and stands into a clear base giving her the stability she needs to stretch across that finish line.

Bringing you another amazing equine superstar, Golden Oak Stables brings Black Caviar to you! Who wouldn’t want to bring a champion like Black Caviar into their stable?


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