Model Horse Showing: Golden Oak Stables Spring Warm Up

For any model horse collector, a Breyer horse show is an event not to be missed. Whether it’s your first or fortieth there’s no question that the anticipation of a day spent with model horse collectors and beautiful horses is enough to get anyone excited. Golden Oak Stables hosts shows every year that cater to Novice, Youth and Experienced showers. This April 6th Golden Oak Stables opens it’s doors for Youth and Novice showers for Spring Warm Up!

If you’ve been looking for a chance to try model horse showing and you’re in the New England area, Spring Warm Up Live is your reason! This show is catered for Novices and Youth showers making it easy to jump right in. Those new to showing will be with others that are new for a day of learning the ropes of what model horse showing is all about!

Structured like a large nationals qualifying show, Spring Warm Up Live takes that and shrinks it down to an easy to understand and diverse format. There are classes for your Original Finish Breyers to be judged on both their breed assignments (Halter) and rarity (Collectibility). There are also classes in Performance where you can use your Breyer scale tack and props to create realistic scenes featuring your models. Artistic types can show their custom models in classes that are only for new customizers and those who are more experienced or have purchased a custom model can show them in the Professional Custom category. Last but not least are fun classes that will have you excited to bring out horses you might not expect to get a ribbon at a model horse show.

Model horse showing is a fun experience where you can meet others that share the love for Breyer horses like you do. You also get the experience of a real horse show and the competition that comes with it. There’s no question as to why it’s so addictive and fun! So, have you given it a shot?


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