Real Life Breyer Horses: Rest In Peace Fox Valley Oliver

Last year you may have remembered Golden Oak Stables updating you on the story of Fox Valley Oliver. This amazing Shire captured the hearts of Breyer collectors in 2008 when he became a Breyer model and then went on to meet thousands of Breyer fans at Breyerfest that year.

Collectors from all over the world got to know Fox Valley Oliver and his amazing accomplishments when he was chosen to be made into a Breyer model. This stunning black Shire stood almost 17 hands tall and was called a “2000 pound lap dog” by his owners. The story of Fox Valley Oliver came back into the spotlight in the fall of last year when he found his way to a draft horse rescue in Ohio. Through a few changes of hands this one time equestrian super star had found his way to a rescue where he found a forever home.

Ollie as he was called by his owners took up permanent residence at the Frog Pond Farm Draft Horse Rescue and spent his time working as an ambassador for horse rescue and adoption. Ollie visited real horse shows and even a few model horse shows to share his story. This gentile giant was both the perfect gentleman for the job and had the perfect story, showing that any horse can end up in a bad place.

Last month Fox Valley Oliver fell under the weather with a few digestive issues and was sent to Ohio State University for treatment. The vets there were optimistic on Ollie’s condition and he showed great leaps and bounds in healing. Sadly in the past few weeks Ollie fell victim to Laminitis and though he fought the decision to put him down was made Tuesday after complications grew to be too much.

Our hearts are with the Frog Pond Farm Draft Horse Rescue and all of the friends of Ollie. As Breyer collectors we were lucky to get to learn about, experience and in some cases meet this gentile giant, something we all should be thankful for!


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