Breyer Horse Collecting: What Is Your Stable Name?

In the world of horses there are millions of stables throughout the world and each of them has a name. From simple to extravagant, there’s a name for just about every stable out there. Breyer horse collectors often like to name their stables and collections too! Here are a few ideas to get you started!

One good place to start is by looking at your collection. What kind of horses do you tend to collect? Are their certain breeds that you have a lot of? If you do you might want to think about a stable name that mirrors that. Certain breeds are common to certain areas, so if you collect a lot of Warmbloods, maybe a German name is in line. Quarter Horses are known from the ranches of the western United States so a western themed ranch name would be fitting. If you’ve got a favorite discipline like horse racing or eventing that can be a place to start too! If your collection doesn’t have a strong theme think about the types of things you like and your interests. These can easily reflect onto your stable name giving you an interesting and unique stable name!

Stable names are often descriptive, like Golden Oak Stables,  so let your imagination run wild! Once you’ve picked a few choices give them each a few days in your head to figure out which one you like best. The best names often have a ring to them and are easy to say and remember! Pick a name that describes your stable, you and your interests best but also one that people will remember!

Once you’ve picked a name it’s time to start using it! Many people have websites for their collections or photo albums. These often benefit from having a stable name. If you live show you can also use the name to identify your horses. Using the initials of your stable name in front of the name of your horse will help distinguish your horse and mirrors what so many in real life do!

Having a stable name will bring fun and excitement to your stable and allows some of your creativity to come forward! So start thinking, what do you want your stable to be called?


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