Breyer Horse Showing: Keeping Records

Spring is almost here and the Breyer horse show season is starting to heat up already! Golden Oak Stables is preparing for their April 6th show and many collectors all over the country are dusting off their horses in preparation for what is sure to be an exciting show year. Getting to the show and showing may seem like the only things you’ll have to worry about but once you’ve packed up your horses and headed home there’s still plenty to do to make sure that your show was a success!

The first thing you want to do is to make sure that your horses get home safely. You might be in a rush to finish up for the day and get home but be sure you pack your horses up well when leaving the show and travel safely with them. Then when you get home be sure to unpack them in a timely fashion. If it’s very cold or hot when you’re transporting your horses try to keep them in a stable temperature and don’t leave them out in the heat or cold. If you do have to, be sure to let them acclimate before you unpack them, this is especially true of the cold. Horses can become damaged when being moved from extreme temperatures, so be cautious and careful.

Once you’re home and your horses are all settled in you’ll want to take a look at your results for the day. Keeping track of these can is important for many collectors so that they can see how their horses did from one show to the next. If you get the time at the show to write down your placings it’s a good idea to. If not, show holder will typically send out copies of the show results within a few weeks of a show. Keep an eye out for these and you’ll be able to tell exactly how all your horses did.

If your horse placed you probably took home a ribbon of some sort at the show too. If it was a NAN qualifying show you may have even gotten some of those elusive NAN cards, organizing ribbons and NAN cards is very important to keeping track of how all your horses show. Some people keep their cards and ribbons with their horses on the shelf, some make envelopes or binders and some keep them in a filing box. There are endless possibilities for organizing, try some and see what works best for you!

Whatever you do, just be sure to get into the habit of getting organized before, during and after a show, it will help you enjoy showing and love your collection even more!

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