Breyer Horse New Releases: New Molds For 2013

March 7, 2013

It’s always exciting when the new year starts and new horses gallop into Golden Oak Stables! This year is an even more exciting year from Breyer though, with three new traditional molds it’s certainly a year to celebrate!¬†Each year Breyer releases new models that make collectors all over the world jump for joy. This year is a special year from Breyer, with three new molds collectors can fill their stables with horses that are stunning and exciting!

The first new horse is the exotic Marwari. Hailing from India this horse has found popularity in the United States for it’s beauty and it’s defining¬†characteristic¬† curly ears! In 2012 the Kentucky Horse Park added three real life Marwari horses to their herd that anyone visiting the park or Breyerfest can see in person! Breyer has released a beautiful palomino Marwari that has collectors excited to add this exotic horse to their stable!

Next is the lovely Gypsy Vanner. Beloved by so many for their their beautiful appearance and their beautiful manes, tails and feathers, the Gypsy Vanner is a breed that is ever popular and always finding new fans. Breyer has created a lovely horse with the help of Kathleen Moody that captures the spirit and beauty of the beautiful Gypsy Vanner. Captured romping through the field, scampering, this exciting new mold is sure to become a quick favorite for collectors!

Last but certainly not least is the stunning dressage champion Totilas! This stunning black stallion has captured the Dressage world by storm and has found fans along the way in Breyer collectors! Captured in a beautiful extended trot, Totilas is the epitome of Warmblood sport and athleticism. This stunning sport horse is sure to become a favorite among collectors in no time!

New models are always exciting, but there’s something about a new mold that is just a bit more so! Which of these new molds has you most excited? Which one will be trotting into your stable first?

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