Breyer Horse New Relases: Two Stall Barn

March 4, 2013

If you’re looking to liven up your stable yard, a new barn is always a place to start. Breyer and Golden Oak Stables bring you just about every accessory you could ever imagine for your models, but one of the most exciting accessories to add to your collection is a beautiful barn that your horses will love to be stabled in. New for 2013 is a beautiful red wooden barn that is sure to bring lots of excitement to your collection!

Every stable needs a barn, having a place for your horses to stay indoors is important for any horse owner, and the same is true for Breyer horse owners. Stables vary from one barn to the next, from elaborate and fancy to casual and relaxed. Stables reflect the owner’s personality and often the discipline of the horses in the barn. All barns have personality from their owners and horses, and each one is different!

Breyer brings a new, beautiful barn to you for 2013! The Red Two Stall Barn is a lovely wooden barn that is sure to attract attention from all over! It’s bright red color is iconic of a classic riding barn and is sure to stand out in all the right ways. The two stalls feature sliding doors in the front and dutch doors in the back giving it the same details you’ll find in a real stable! The grey roof lifts off to make it easy for your to move horses in and out or work in the stalls! The barn fits Traditional size horses and accessories making it easy for your collection to slip right in!

The possibilities are endless with a new lovely barn. Every barn reflects the owner’s personality as well as the horses that live inside. The only question is, what will your’s look like?

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