Breyer Horse New Releases: Gypsy Vanner

A magical breed coming from the United Kingdom is that of the Gypsy Vanner. This breed has long traveled with the gypsies through Europe but in recent years has become a favorite breed of horse lovers all over the world! Now Golden Oak Stables brings you not only a new model Gypsy Vanner for 2013 but on an entirely new mold!

The Gypsy Vanner is a small draft horse that originated in the United Kingdom. First bred to pull the carts of gypsy travellers, the Gypsy Vanner is a compact breed perfectly suited for carriage work. They can also be great riding horses and companions and have found their place as such for many horse lovers. Typically standing under 16 hands, they have the look of a draft horse with a  compact body that makes them very versatile. Gypsy Vanners also sport one of everyone’s favorite characteristics, lots and lots of hair! From their feathers to their mane and tail, the Gypsy Vanner is known for it’s long dramatic hair! Gypsy Vanners also come in a myriad of colors, nearly every color on the equine rainbow except Appaloosa!

New for 2013, Breyer has brought a new sculpture to collectors to celebrate the wonderful Gypsy Vanner. This bright bay pinto is striking in many ways and his beautiful bay and white coat is just the start. His dynamic pattern matches his dynamic pose and is lovely with shading throughout. His bi-color black and white mane give him a stunning look that is stunning! He’s sure to be a favorite of collectors with his fun and playful pose. Captured playing out in the field with his feathers, mane and tail flowing in the wind he’s truly a one of a kind beauty!

Bringing the magic and beauty of the Gypsy Vanner to collectors, Breyer brings an exciting new model to you for 2013. There’s no question that he’s sure to become a fast favorite for collectors. What’s not to love?


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