Breyer Horse New Releases: Getting Creative in 2013!

Some of the most fun of collecting model horses is getting to be creative with them. From playing to customizing, creativity and model horses go hand in hand. New for 2013, Breyer and Golden Oak Stables bring you four fun new sets that will set your creativity ablaze with model horse fun!

There are many types of ways to be artistic, everything from drawing to painting to sculpting and the list doesn’t stop there! A new exciting item for 2013 that will bring a new twist to your creativity is a Chalkboard Horse! Sure to get all of your creative juices flowing this lovely little Morgan stallion has been painted in a chalkboard style paint! This means your creativity can go wild as you draw, doodle and make notes on him! He’s also perfect for parties, games and more! He comes with a set of chalk, eraser and will wipe clean for years of fun!

If you’d like something a bit more traditional route there are painting possibilities for the artist in all of us. With two different designs, you’ll have trouble choosing which canvas painting kit to start with. The first features a Mare and Foal in a cute barn scene wrapped up in their blankets. The second features a Morgan with a rider atop her going trail riding. Both sets come with everything you need to paint these beautiful pictures including a pre-printed canvas, six paints, palette and a brush! Last but certainly not least is a perfect on the go project, a Watercolor Painting Book. With twenty pages and paint ready on each page for you, you can have a blast painting your next masterpiece.

One of the most wonderful thing about Breyers is the creativity they inspire. Many great artist have begun as a young Breyer collector, will you be next?



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