Breyer Horse New Releases: New Classics for 2013

January 14, 2013

Classic lovers will rejoice in 2013 with a myriad of fun new horses, accessories and more, and Golden Oak Stables brings you all the fun!

With three new breeds to add to your classics stable, 2013 is already off to a fun start. The Classics Appaloosa is a lovely black Appaloosa mare with a braided mane and tail. She’s ready for a show with her beautiful coat coloring that will truly stand out in the show ring. Next in your stable is a bay roan Quarter Horse who is sure to be a favorite. His sweet demeanor is one of the characteristics that makes him and other Quarter Horses the most popular breed of horse in America! Last but certainly not least is a beautiful Thoroughbred Quarter Horse cross. Also known as an Appendix Quarter Horse this lovely palomino mare shimmers and shines in the sun.

The new horses don’t stop here though, a new Sport Horse Family is also headed into the Breyer lineup for 2013. This set of three horses features a buckskin mare, a bay stallion and a light bay foal. This lovely family is sure to capture your heart in every way possible. A friendly and helpful vet is also on her way to your stable and bringing a new foal along with her! The Vet Care Set includes everything a vet will need to care for your stable and two furry friends also follow her along, a cat and a dog!

Speaking of accessories, you can round out your stable with accessories that will help you care for your barn and keep it in tip top shape. The Stable Cleaning Set includes everything you need to get that dirty work around the barn done that we need to do everyday. From a wheelbarrow to tools you’ll have everything you’ll need. Feeding is also top priority in your stable and with the Feed Care Set you can make sure your horses are cared for in every way possible!

Classic lovers have a lot to be excited about for 2013, with so many fun horses and sets your barn will be buzzing in no time!


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