Breyer Horse New Releases: Artist Series

January 10, 2013

New for 2013, Breyer and Golden Oak Stables bring you three horses that are sure to make any art or horse lover swoon! In the new Artist Series Breyer brings you exciting new sculptures that celebrate the art and beauty behind the horse!

Created in a lovely artist resin and standing approximately 5 inches tall, this new series is similar to the ever popular Breeds of the World series released by Breyer last year. This series celebrates the spirit and artistry of the horse with dynamic and exciting new sculptures beloved by so many horse lovers all over the world.

A name we all will recognize is that of Leonardo DaVinci! Famous for painting the Mona Lisa and The Last Supper, Leonardo DaVinci was a famous Italian artist that has created works that are recognizable the world over. Breyer has taken one of his famous sketches and turned it into a sculpture that is beautiful as can be! This lovely grey draft horse stands proud and tall and carries the regal name of The Kings Mount! Fit for a king, he’s certainly a beautiful addition to your collection!

The American artist Frederic Remington has long symbolized the spirit of the wild west for many people. His entrancing paintings of the west as it was being settled often features horses as the subject. Wild Bronc is a beautiful bay stallion that you might recognize as one of his more famous paintings. Leaping in the air he shows the power and spirit of the horse in a dynamic and stunning way!

British Artist George Stubb’s work finishes out the trio with the beloved Royal Blood, also known as Whistlejacket. The portrait of a race horse of Rockingham England, Whistlejacket has long been a favorite painting of horse lovers and now can be a favorite Breyer model. This chestnut beauty is shown rearing up with a beautiful pair of white socks on his back hooves.

Sure to please any horse or art lover, the new Artist Series is sure to become a quick favorite just as the Breeds of The World series did before it. You can’t find anything more exciting than beauty and spirit when it comes to a new horse and all three of these come with some to spare!

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