Breyer Horse New Releases: An Exciting 2013!

January 7, 2013

The new year is here and with a new year comes an exciting new year full of Breyer horses! This year Breyer has pulled out all the stops and brought an astonishing line of horses that will have us all making room on our shelves for some special new horses!

Breyer brings collectors not one but two exciting new Traditional molds for the new year. First up is a beautiful and exotic Marwari horse from India. These horses are known for their curled ears and are held in high regard in the Indian culture. Created in a stunning Palomino, you’ll have curly ear fever over this lovely example of the breed. Also new for 2013 is a Gypsy Vanner that is full of energy as he plays in his paddock. This beautiful bay pinto brings the beauty of the Gypsy Vanner to you with his full mane, tail and feathers and his exciting pose is sure to catch everyone’s attention.

This year also brings an exciting rose grey Lusitano on the Esprit mold that will have us all captivated. His dynamic pose has made him a collector favorite in just the few years he’s been around and this color does nothing but add to the collector appeal. Another collector favorite comes back for 2013 in a new color too, Ethereal. Painted in a stunning grullo pinto, this lovely Pinto will no doubt be on many collectors shelves.

Breyer has brought a few real life horses into the lineup for 2012. Sshameless++ is an Arabian that is just as stunning as he is talented. This gorgeous grey Arabian is sure to capture your heart. Also new for 2013 is Ballou a little Welsh Pony with a lot of heart. Created on the Newsworthy mold, this little chestnut pony has made a name for himself throughout the years under the saddle of many talented young riders.

With so many exciting horses it certainly will be hard to choose where to start, but that’s just the beginning and Golden Oak Stables brings them all to you!


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