Breyer Horse New Releases: Mariah 2013 Horse Of The Year

New for 2013, Golden Oak Stables brings a new sculpture to you from the amazing artist Kristina Lucas Francis. Known for her amazing sculptures, this new little mare is no exception to Kristina’s skills and is sure to be a favorite addition to the Breyer lineup!  Mariah is a gorgeous Classic scale Morab mare that has been dubbed the 2013 horse of the year. Bringing the beauty of the wonderful breed to you this mare is sure to impress!

The Morab is a breed that is a little different from most breeds. Created by breeding an Arabian with a Morgan a Morab is better referred to as a cross breed. These horses bring the best of both breeds to the table when put together and make excellent horses for their owners. Morabs are known for succeeding in a variety of disciplines, from English to Western to Driving, this horse can do it  all. Typically Morabs are a smaller horse standing under 16 hands and come in any color an Arabian or Morgan can come in.

Mariah is a lovely dapple grey mare that brings her beautiful looks to you. Sculpted in Classic scale, she stands about 6 inches by 6 inches and will fit perfectly with all of your other Classic horses. She is shown in a spunky pose that could mean she’s up to anything, from playing in the pasture to competing in a Western pleasure event, the possibilities are endless! Her long grey mane and tail fade to white on the ends in a realistic fashion and three white socks give her coat a little touch of something special. Her bold and bright eyes are sure to capture your heart along with her sweet face. She’s simply irresistible!

A new mold and a lovely new mare are just two of the many things the versatile Mariah is. This little mare is sure to excel at any job she takes at your stable! Who wouldn’t want a little mare like her in their collection?


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