Breyer Horse Holiday: Merry Fillies Ornaments

Breyer has made it fun and easy for any horse lover to bring a little bit of equine joy to their holiday. With decorations to deck your halls and ornaments to deck your trees, there’s no shortage of fun ways to bring a little bit of Breyer to your holiday celebration.

New for 2012 the Merry Fillies Ornament set is a special and fun way to bring a big amount of joy to your holiday. This set of three fillies is adorable in every way possible. Prancing around your tree in the fanciest of fashion the Merry Fillies dance as they trot along. These three fillies are ready to liven up your tree or wherever you can find to hang them with perfect Breyer style.

The first filly is a beautiful dapple grey with dark grey points. Her color is beautifully shaded and her dark legs create a lovely contrast with her light grey mane and tail. Next is a stunning deep golden bay filly. Her stunning color is also accented by black points on her legs and a black mane and tail. This lovely little gal features one white sock on her front leg that makes her all the more special. Finally a stunning palomino appaloosa filly scampers on in to finish out the trio. Her blanket pattern leaves spots over her back and rump and her golden color and white mane and tail give her the namesake palomino coloration. She has two rear socks that make her beautiful as can be!

Bringing fun and beauty together, Golden Oak Stables brings you the Merry Fillies. This trio of foals is sure to bring some fun life to your holidays with their beauty and exuberance. There’s no more exciting way to bring the spirit of the holidays to your collection and home than with a the Merry Fillies!


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