Breyer Horse Collecting: What Is A Variation?

All Breyer horses are painted by hand by talented artisans that spare no detail. As you can imagine, this level of intense art means that each one is just a little different than the rest and some are much different than others. Many collectors have found a great deal of enjoyment in collecting these “variations” and with a few small tips you can know what to look in your collection!

From Stablemate to Traditional scale all Breyers are painted by hand. With this process there is undoubtedly a large room for variation and  many collectors find great joy in collecting these! Some collectors have many copies of one model just because of the variation they exhibit, it’s a part of the hobby all it’s own!

Breyer variation can vary from something very small to something very noticeable. Most variations are ones that you’d have to look closely to see. Things like variations in hooves and eye painting are very common. Another thing many collectors look for are variations on shading, coloring and dapples. Because of the painting techniques that Breyer uses great differences can be found in the color of one horse to another. Things like paint batches can also create strikingly different results.

Things also happen when a Breyer horse is produced for an extended period of time. Over that time things can change for a model, the collector favorite Misty has seen a great deal of change in her pattern, color and finish over the nearly 40 years she’s been in production.

Sometimes the variation is intentional though. Breyer surprised us not long ago with the models GG Valentine and Heartbreaker, this mare and foal set came with a fun collectors variation, there were some that were glossy!

Collectors go crazy for variations and there’s no reason not to! Having more than one of your favorite model in your collection gives you every reason to be excited! So the next time you order a new horse from Golden Oak Stables, pay attention, you never know just what variation you might get!


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