Breyer Horse New Releases: Totilas Dressage Champion

New for the end of 2012 comes one of the most exciting horses is trotting into Golden Oak Stables with a new mold that is sure to capture the hearts of horse lovers everywhere!

Totilas is a star of the Dressage world that has taken the world by storm with his astonishing performances! Being the first horse to ever score above a 90 in Dressage is Totilas’ claim to fame along with winning three gold medals at the 2010 World Equestrian Games and two at the 2009 Dressage Championships! On top of that he’s won the FEI’s award for the best athlete. Totilas is also a breeding stallion creating the next generation of Dressage champions, all while still competing.

Breyer went to beloved German artist Brigitte Eberl to sculpt their portrait model of this ever deserving horse. Brigitte brought Totilas to life in Traditional scale with her attention to detail. Sculpted in an extended trot, Totilas is the epitome of an equestrian athlete and Brigitte has captured that perfectly! With his eyes intent and focused on the prize, Totilas is ready to compete!

Created in perfect likeness, Totilas wears his mane braided up and his tail groomed neatly. His stunning black coat is a sight to say the least and looks beautiful as he makes his way across the arena. His four white socks are perfectly recreated as are the star and snip that he wears on his face.

Bringing together both the realism of an astonishing athlete and the beauty of the horse, Brigitte has a way of capturing the spirit of a horse, and Totilas is no exception!

Sure to become a favorite among collectors, Totilas makes his way into Golden Oak Stables this December! With his dynamic pose and superstar qualities, Totilas is sure to cause a storm as he makes his way into the Breyer lineup!


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