Breyer Horse Events: Breyerfest 2012 Guest Horses

July 26, 2012

The British invasion didn’t stop at Breyerfest 2012 with Mariah’s Boon, many other horses galloped their way to Kentucky this past weekend to entertain horse lovers from all over the world! With favorites like Tommy Turvey coming back for another exciting year of Breyerfest entertainment and new performers The Knights of Valor, there was no shortage of entertainment! Some of the most exciting guests were the real life counterparts to many new Breyer models. From CH Sprinkles to Hartland High Tech, there was no shortage in amazing horses!

Guests were awed and amazed all weekend with some of the most exciting horses in the world! Bringing champions from all disciplines to Lexington Kentucky, Breyer hailed Breyerfest 2012 as the highest attended Breyerfest of all time, and there’s no question why!

Champion saddlebred CH Sprinkles brought her flashy coat and beautiful movement to the bluegrass! Kentucky is known for it’s Saddlebreds, but Sprinkles certainly had no trouble standing out in a crowd!

Lil’ Ricky Rocker is a staple of Breyerfest, being ridden in opening ceremonies for many years now! This year was no exception. He also wore an exciting Native American costume for his fans showing the roots of the Appaloosa breed on the high plains of the United States.


Heartland High Tech was one of many Hackney Ponies that came to the Kentucky Horse Park to strut their stuff and show the versatility of this little known breed! Showing under saddle and with a cart the Hackney Pony is a small but powerful breed that turns heads wherever it goes!


Even if you couldn’t be at Breyerfest 2012 you can still bring a bit of it home with a Breyer model of one of the amazing guest horses. Golden Oak Stables can bring a little of Kentucky and Breyerefest to you, celebrate these amazing horses today!


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