Breyer Horse Classics: A Stable For Your Herd!

July 16, 2012

Creating the stable of your dreams is a goal for many collectors. Making that perfect stable full of stars may seem out of reach, but with Breyer the dream can come true for anyone! Now Classics collectors can bring a new stable home to your herd and start on your way to a stable of stars!

New for fall 2012, Golden Oak Stables brings you the Classics Country Stable. The first stable of it’s kind, the Country Stable is a beautiful shade of light blue with accents of white giving it lovely contrast. The feel of a real country barn has been created with panel siding and white washed accents. Its open and airy design has large windows that make the barn breezy and cool and surround the barn fully along with a high loft design!

The barn is ready for your star horse with a large box stall that can double as a mare and foal stall! Next to the large box stall is a wash stall that will come in handy for keeping your horses clean and show ready!

Still not complete the Classics Country Stable is your complete farm coming with white panel style fencing perfect for creating a run out section behind the barn or a small paddock on it’s own! Your horses can experience the carefree life grazing in their very own paddock on a warm summer day.Breyer has made one key feature that is perfect for collectors, the Classics Country Stable snaps together for easy assemblage and storage!

Helping you to create the stable of your dreams in every possible way, Breyer and Golden Oak Stables bring Classics collectors the perfect stable! With it’s country chic charm and bright blue color, everyone will be riding their way into the stable! Horses will be coming from far and wide to make their home in your new barn!


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