Breyer Horse Collecting: Caring For Your Collection

July 5, 2012

Everyone wonders from time to time, am I caring for my collection properly? From sunlight to dust, even just sitting on a shelf can make you wonder if you’re doing all you can to properly care for your collection. With a few tips you can protect your collection and let it live for years to come!

If you don’t play with your models they probably live on a shelf most of the time. Even if you do play with them they need somewhere to be displayed once you are done; book shelves and display cabinets are perfect for this. Cabinets with doors can be the most protective for your horses but regular shelves also work great.

If you do choose to display your models on a shelf, there aren’t too many risks, but there are some. The main risk that you might run into is falling horses. This can happy for any reason, from a bump to an earthquake, shelves can move and take horses with them. Things like a sticky type of dental wax can be used on the underside of the hooves of your model to prevent them from falling, but you also need to be careful when removing them from their shelves.

One thing you’ll find a lot of on your shelves is dust. This is actually one of the things that isn’t harmful to your horses! You will want to dust them often to keep them shiny and pretty, but dust won’t hurt your models. If your models are situated in direct sunlight though, that can cause permanent damage. Fading and discoloration can occur if you let your models sit in the sun for too long, so out of direct sunlight is always best.

Finally, temperature and humidity. These two factors can cause the most damage to your horses. Breyer horses are molded out of hot plastic, so it’s no wonder that the heat can play a role in damaging them. Warm conditions can cause legs to warp and things to become misshapen. Sometimes this is reversible, but not always! Humidity is also thought to cause damage to models. Damp conditions can cause the plastic of Breyers to break down and cause damage that isn’t reversible, so a cool and dry place is always best for your Breyers!

No matter what, you should enjoy your models, but taking care of them can help you keep them for years and years to come!  The next time you get a new  Breyer from Golden Oak Stables, choose his living area with care and you’ll be on your way to having him for a lifetime!


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